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What is a UDAI or EPP?

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UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication Identifier) or EPP(Extensible Provisioning Protocol) is a serial that is unique to each domain on the web.

UDAI’s are eight characters long and are made up of numbers and letters in both upper and lower case.

Note: UDAI’s are case sensitive.

The UDAI must be supplied to transfer your domain between registrars within New Zealand.

The UDAI is specific to each domain name and is required only to change the account your domain is in or your domain registrar. When you register a new domain name, the UDAI will be emailed to the registrant. Whenever any change is made to your domain name, or it is renewed, a new UDAI code will usually be generated and emailed to the registrant.

If you receive more than one UDAI code, the newest one that has been generated will be the one that is valid.